Terra Firma Australia (TFA) is an employee owned engineering geology firm established to meet the growing demand for cost effective, ‘value adding’ tailored mining solutions.  Created in 2012 with a seven year background in operations and five years consulting, TFA’s project/commodity exposure and geographic variety have tailored an innovative and practical geotechnical approach to slope design, both above and within the natural ground.

Due to their flexible nature, TFA is ideally suited to provide continued geological and geotechnical assistance to a range of open pit interest groups:

•     insurance/financial institutions [mergers/acquisitions]

•     geotechnical project appraisal [exploration/operations]

•     site investigation programs [OoM, PFS, DFS, construction]

•     open pit slope and rail corridor risk evaluation

•     site specific training [core logging, mapping, QA/QC, operator awareness]

•     mine closure, re-establishment of decommissioned sites and R&D project initiatives

TFA has maintained well-established relationships with complimentary geoscience specialist groups including ground retention/improvement, shallow and deep foundations and contaminant modelling.